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Meet Gigi, a passionate hairstylist dedicated to making people feel confident. Gigi entered the beauty industry in her early twenties, initially specializing in skincare and makeup. She then combined her passion for beauty and  attended hair school in Marca College in 2021. She honed her skills at Bond Girl Hair and Jie Prive Salon, assisting senior colorists and gaining valuable experience. Currently, Gigi is making a mark at Odjibik Hair Repair Salon, as a scalp facial specialist . Beyond styling, Gigi finds joy in music, poetry and reading, embodying a holistic approach to beauty and self-expression.

Fortuitously, Gigi crossed paths with Greg in her workplace, seizing the opportunity to collaborate. Greg, recognizing her talents, graciously invited Gigi to join his salon team, further expanding her horizons in the hairstyling realm. Now, as part of this dynamic team, Gigi is excited to contribute her skills and passion to the success of the salon.

Gigi, Jr. Stylist

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